Can PC World Gift Cards be used at every PC World store?
PC World gift cards are accepted in any PC World, Currys, Currys.digital and Dixon Travel Stores and online at www.pcworld.co.uk and www.currys.co.uk

Where can I buy a PC World Gift Card?
You can buy PC World Gift Cards from our stores and online here at www.pcworldgiftcards.co.uk

You can also call Voucherline on 0333 222 9129 to order over the phone. Phone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Calls are charged at local rate.

How much do PC World Gift Cards cost?
It is up to you how much money you load on to the gift card, any value from £10 to £500. If you would like more than £500, then you can buy more than one card.

Do I get the full value I load on to the card or are there some hidden charges?
There are no hidden charges, what you load on to the card is yours or your recipients to spend. However the value on the card must be spent within 24 months of the value being added or the card last being used in store. After 24 months any monies left on the card will be lost and the card terminated.

How can I pay for my gift card if I order it by phone or via the internet?
You can pay by debit or credit card orbank transfer if you order by phone or via the internet. Your card is not sent out until monies have cleared.

How will my gift card/s be delivered?
Your PC World Gift Card will be sent by whichever postage method you choose or select.  We offer 1st class, Recorded Delivery and Special Insured Delivery by Courier and/or Royal Mail.  We do recommend appropriate levels of postage for different values of gift card.

Is there a charge for postage?
We have a small charge for postage with four choices for you. £1.95 for First Class, £3.95 for Recorded Delivery, £6.95 for Courier/Special Delivery and £8.95 for Saturday Special Delivery.

Can I use my card straightaway?
All cards purchased in store are activated.  If purchased online, your pack will need activating if the total pack value is £50 or more and you have chosen 1st class or recorded delivery.  The best way to check if your card is ready to use is to check your balance on our balance checker www.dixonsretail.com/giftcards 

If your card shows a balance, then it is activated. If the team send you an unactivated gift card, it will say so on the delivery note.

How do I activate my PC World Gift Card?
If you have received a PC World Gift Card from our online store here, and a letter to say it needs activating, then simply call the Voucherline call centre Monday to Friday between 9-5pm on 0333 222 9129  or email the team on orders@voucherline.com . Your card will normally be activated within 24 working hours.  Unfortunately you cannot activate your card online, as we need to check first who has paid for the card. Registering your card does not activate it. It just protects it in case it is lost or stolen.  Please do not ring this team if you have a gift card that has been sold via a Reward or Employee benefit website or from head office. You need to call that team who run that website.

If you purchase a gift card in a PC World store, present the card at the till to be loaded with your chosen value.

Can I send a PC World Gift Card as a gift directly to someone else?
Yes you can provided it is to a UK address. You can also include a personal message too. Unfortunately we can't send your card to anywhere outside the UK at present.

What is the PC World Gift Card packaged in?
If you buy a PC World Gift Card  via the internet or by phone, the gift card will be sent on a carrier.  You can add a personal message to your delivery note. We will also put the value on the card carrier for you.   If you buy a PC World Gift Card from a high street retailer, the card will come as seen.

When I purchased my PC World Gift Card I was given a receipt, do I need to include this receipt with the gift card to tell my recipient how much is on the card?
If you are not advising your recipient yourself what the value is on the gift card, then giving them the receipt is a good idea.

Can I add more money on to my PC World Gift Card?
Not at the moment, once the monies on your card have been spent you will need to buy a new card.

If I placed my order for a PC World Gift Card by telephone or online, when should I expect to receive my order?
If you ordered before 12 noon Monday to Friday your PC World Gift Card will be sent on the day you ordered. If you ordered after 12 noon your order will be processed the following working day and sent that day. During peak times - Christmas - then your gift card may be sent out within three working days.  Bulk orders may take three working days to complete.

I need a PC World Gift Card today, is it possible to process my order immediately?
It may be possible please call 0333 222 9129 to check – lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. PC World Gift Cards can be sent by same day courier at an additional cost and we will be pleased to give you a quote.

I have purchased a PC World Gift Card but have decided it is not a suitable gift for the friend I had in mind. Can I get a refund?
If you purchased your PC World Gift Card from a store you will be unable to receive a refund. If you purchased your gift card via the internet or by telephone from the PC World gift card website it may be possible to offer a refund if you purchased the card within the last 7 days and the monies on the card have not been spent. Please call 0333 222 9129 to check. 

My PC World Gift Card has expired, what do I do?
Once your PC World gift card has expired it is not possible to reactivate the card. You have 24 months from the date of activation to use the funds on the card.

My PC World Gift Card has been lost or stolen, what shall I do?
You should treat your gift card as cash. If you have kept a record of the card number of your gift card we may be able to cancel the card to stop anyone else using the card, please call on 0333 222 9129 (Monday to Friday - 9-5pm) to check. If you do not have a record of your card number we are unable to cancel the card.

I have purchased my PC World Gift Card online - will my statement show PC World?
No - your credit/debit card statement will show Voucherline Ltd

What are the terms and conditions of purchase?
Please click here to see Voucherline Ltd terms and conditions of purchase.  Voucherline Ltd are our chosen agency who deal with all of our gift card enquiries for us and take payment for your order.